Our Services

VESA Design is proud to provide outstanding Costumes for Dance. We put the same passion in our creations as the dancers put in their art of dancing.

Dressmaking process

The process starts with consultation with our experienced designer. You can do this at our showroom, via email or video consultation. At this stage the style and the budget of the costume is determined. We will listen to your personal requests to ensure you get the perfect dress for your next competition. You will then fill out the measurement form so we can make the costume to your exact size.

We will then produce a sketch, and after it has been approved by you, the costume gets to the production stage. Our experienced dressmakers will construct the costume, with our world famous quality and attention to detail. We do not necessarily need a fitting, in fact we produce 60% of our costumes without fitting !

The dress is then shipped to you, with FedEx delivery.

We only use the finest materials possible for our dresses, and spend a lot of time searching for new materials and decorations. In this way we can create truly unique costumes for those who want to stand out in the crowd.

All our costumes include accessories that most enhance the style of the dress.



The price of each dress is determined by the amount of work used in the dressmaking, as well as the amount of stones used for the decoration. We cater for a wide range of budgets, and believe that even with a smaller budget, the dress should be exquisitely made. You can contact us for a quote for a dress in any style you prefer.