VESA Design has become the costume choice for the best dancers in the world. We pride ourselves in creating unique dresses for dancers of all levels . Whether you are a Professional or a beginner, the Look you choose plays an important part in your competition.

Our aim is to provide you with a costume which will make you radiate confidence on the floor.


Dance costumes are all about shape and movement. They should be an extension of the dancers personality and highlight their strengths and disguise their weaknesses.
We want our costumes to complement the female form, and to enhance the movements of the body. We still learn from each of our customers on what makes the most of their shape and style. Our inspiration comes from the dancing of our customers.
Making beautiful dresses is a way of life for us, and rather than following the trends, we would like to think of ourselves as the people who set them.
Thank you for visiting VESA Design.